Glam Jam 2018 event will be hosted in Puerta Vallerta, Mexico from 8 May -14 May 2018. This event will be a collaboration of some of the most talented Models, Photographers and Makeup Artist/Stylists. The event will offer a variety of destination location shoots in and around the city Puerta Vallerta to include Beaches and Yelapa, Rio Cuale River, MMA Gym, Marinas, Junk yards and more. An event for networking, collaboration, share of knowledge, building of new friendships…and the list can go on.   More details can be found here at: Some but not all of our Featured Photographers and […]

Miami 2018 Photo tour

WELCOME TO MIAMI!!!! I’m not sure theres enough words to express how my first visit to and photo tour in Miami was. Weather was beautiful, (except for the one rain session lol) environment and vibes were beyond what I expected. Can I just go back now? Meeting with past friends from other locations that now reside in Miami, of course we had to take Miami by storm. From doing Photo events, walking South Beach or just relaxing and cutting it up with one another, this was a very memorable trip, especially after a long day of working and doing shoots […]

FIRST 2018 Travel Date

  Feb 14-18, 2018 How do we start off the year, by going to one of the largest entertaining cities and coast in the US. In February (and may be adding the 14th), we will be setting sail to California for our first trip of the year. Interested in shooting? Great rates are available but get you bookings in soon as there are limited available spots.   Lets create some unforgettable art. Koeal Braxton Photography

Photo Tour: Los Angeles/San Diego Review

I never can get enough of Los Angeles, CA. Every time I arrive in this city its a whole new feeling of excitement. This is the reason I’ve been here 3 times over the last year. After I had that first taste, I was hooked and it just keeps getting better and on this trip, So much has shifted and uplifted our direction to another level. Being connected with and meeting a incredible group of professionals, friends and experiences, it was shown that networking a teamwork continues to build some of the best relationships in anyone could ask for.   […]

Photo Tour: NYC Review

This travel segment included Experiencing one of the most popular, unmatched and historic cities in the world that I’ve been EAGERED to visit my whole life, finally became reality. Our Photo Tour to “The Big Apple”, NEW YORK CITY was a complete success. Something I’ve never experienced before. Even for a I wasn’t able to see everything I wanted to view as a tourist….the photography clients, the opportunities and the networking experiences was nothing less than phenomenal. Calvin Gilmore of CalvinGFilms videography and a extremely talented videographer and really great friend of mine also took a hold of what NYC […]

Virginia(757area)/NYC Travel Bookings

Virginia, my hometown and roots stay strong, I’ll be headed your way. NYC, The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and one of the top places I’ve wanted to visit, traveling there, its all about to come true. Along with me my videographer, Calvin G Films will be hosting with me to capture the it all in action. Now accepting bookings for both locations. Any questions, comments or bookings, contact me by email.    

Photographers view: IBMS in Costa Rica

The event that started it all!!! May 15th started it all. We (My wife and I) were on our way to Costa Rica to meet the new family and organization we became a part of that goes by the name of IBMS, (International Bikini Model Search) I didn’t know what to expect of our first event but I did know it was time to do what I do best for the next week whether it is Photography, networking, connecting with new people on different levels and stepping outside other boxes I have already broadened myself out of. The first day […]

Phoenix Photography Travel

Phoenix the summer is about to get even hotter and why not set it a blaze in Arizona. Lets create some amazing art within your area. Now accepting bookings at special rates. For questions, comments or bookings, contact me by email.